Saturday, August 11, 2007

selling- micro product

Private Label Rights To SELLING MICRO-PRODUCT FOR MICROPAYMENTS Private Label Content Article

First, let me thank you for purchasing my product. I appreciate it greatly!

With this license, you can make any changes you would like to the content included within the Plain Text Format file you received with your purchase. You can change any of the affiliate or back-end links within it to your own, remove or add your own content to it as you see fit, change the format, or what have you.

Two things that I ask you to do:

1.) Please Change All Product Download Links Within The Text(if applicable) To Point To YOUR OWN HOST SERVERS. Meaning, please download the products from the original text, then change the links so that the downloads point to your servers and not mine.

2.) You DO NOT resell the Private Label Rights that you received in this offer, or include this license file within the product when you resell it. You can create your own resale rights license terms to redistribute with the revised product once you make changes to it.

You may resell it with Basic, or Standard Resale Rights for any dollar amount you choose. You may resell it with Master Resale Rights for any dollar amount you choose. You may sell it using any ethical marketing technique you so choose, but whatever you decide, the burden of legal responsibility will be shouldered by YOU, as this product will have YOUR NAME on it.

You may include this product within paid membership websites so long as you make the proper adjustments to it, i.e. - switching the affiliate links, adding your information such as your name, email contact address, or website.

You may resell a revised copy of this product on auction websites. Revised meaning you have changed the format by making it into a PDF or EXE file, and you have changed the information to include your own personal information.

You may resell this product after you have revised it as a stand alone product, or bundle it with other products you are selling. You may even give it away for free as a bonus so long as it has been revised with your information and the download links have been changed to your own.

Any other questions you have that have not been answered here, please email me directly at: with them and I will do my very best to answer any questions you might have.

Friendly Yours,

Tracy Yates